As a senior software developer and enthusiastic 3D-Designer I’m glad to tell about myself.

I’ve studied a master’s degree in mechanical engineering at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology and qualified in Game-Development in the past 15 years. I created contents in fields of 3D modelling and optimisation of them for real time rendering, generating virtual materials/shaders, script programming in c# and c++, texturing and generating textures in Gimp/Photoshop or from photoscans, creating physical/keyframe animations, post-processing for AAA quality visualising, montage techniques for cinematics. From the combination of my mechanical engineering with the focus in automotive engineering, designer and software developer skills, I am building the entire softwares from A-Z.

Next to the skills that they are mentioned above I created various contents including character-vehicle interactions, highly optimized 3D models, realistic vehicle behaviour, complex mechanical simulations like double A-Arm suspension system of a vehicle, hardware-friendly shaders, animations, network replications, rigged skeletal meshes, UI components, documentations etc. in the last 5 years.

Furthermore to the above i developed an interactive VR car configurator that includes well detailed Human-Machine interactions and configurability. At this point, I want to make a mention of my 3D-Modelling experience that i have been well equipped in Blender/3ds max to generate Meshes with/without Rig as possible as high detailed and real time capable.

Next to my visualisation experience, I am developing an autonomous traffic system that includes decision strategy platform, automatic steering calculations, curve radius definition, special pathfinding algorithm(to be improved with genetic algorithm) for the vehicles in real time. In this case a network replication allows to perform multiple simulations according to each other. My goal is to combine all these works in a single project to get a real live cutting edge autonomous Simulation-World.